Hansen Group Company is pleased to announce that it has nominated the first 100 companies in the state of Idaho to participate in its “Grow Idaho” Movement. The Grow Idaho Movement is designed to help strengthen Idaho’s economy through an innovative process of assisting small and midsize companies throughout the state thrive and become stronger.

The complete list of 100 nominated companies has been included at the end of this document and has been broken into the following geographic territories:

  • Northern Idaho: 23 companies
  • Southern Idaho: 11 companies
  • Eastern Idaho: 26 companies
  • Western Idaho: 40 companies

These organizations vary greatly  in their fields of expertise and come from all regions of Idaho. According to Terry Hansen, founder of Hansen Group Company, “The Grow Idaho Movement is an initiative designed to give small and medium sized businesses here in Idaho a better opportunity to learn proven business strategies from their successful peers across the state”. When asked how this will be done, Hansen responded by saying, “Grow Idaho will interview the CEOs and Presidents of some of Idaho’s most successful companies to learn how they became so successful. These recorded interviews will be converted into podcasts, articles, videos and blog posts. These materials will be made available to small and medium sized businesses around the state to help them take their businesses to the next level. This is how we propose to strengthen Idaho’s economy.”

“These first 100 companies are some of the most successful companies in Idaho. Their leaders are some of the smartest and most experienced business minds in the state. We are excited to partner with them,” Hansen said.

If your company is interested in participating in the “Grow Idaho” movement, or should you have additional questions, please contact Terry Hansen at the Hansen Group Company at (208) 346-1005 or visit their website here to learn more.


23 Northern Idaho Companies

1. Echelon LLC – Plummer, Idaho

2. F&H Mine Supply Inc. – Osburn, Idaho

3. Mountain Power Construction Company – Post Falls, Idaho

4. Arizona Transformer Company Inc. – Post Falls, Idaho

5. Heatercraft Marine Products Inc. – Rathdrum, Idaho

6. The Hagadone Corporation – Coeur D Alene, Idaho

7. Merritt Bros Lumber Company Inc. –Athol, Idaho

8. Tri-Pro Forest Products Inc. – Oldtown, Idaho

9. Cygnus Inc. – Ponderay, Idaho

10.Sunshine Minting Inc. – Coeur D Alene, Idaho

11. Unicep Packaging LLC–Sandpoint, Idaho

12. Interstate Concrete and Aspahlt Company – Coeur D Alene, Idaho

13. Coeur d’Alene Builders Supply Inc. – Coeur D Alene, Idaho

14. Mor Manufacturing Corporation – Post Falls, Idaho

15. Lead-Lok Inc.–Sandpoint, Idaho

16. Perimeter Security Group LLC – Dalton Gardens, Idaho

17. Bay Shore Systems Inc.–Rathdrum, Idaho

18. Plummer Forest Products Inc.–Post Falls,Idaho

19. Travel Management Inc. – Coeur D Alene, Idaho

20. Western Timber Products Inc. – Coeur D Alene, Idaho

21. Specialty Construction Systems Ltd. – Post Falls, Idaho

22. Contractors Northwest Inc. – Coeur D Alene, Idaho

23. Baker Construction and Development–Sandpoint,Idaho

11 Southern Idaho Companies

24. United Electric Co-Op Inc.–Heyburn,Idaho

25. Burks Tractor Company–Twin Falls, Idaho

26. Valley Agronomics LLC–Rupert, Idaho

27. Kloepfer Inc.–Paul, Idaho

28. Seastrom Manufacturing – Twin Falls, Idaho

29. PMT–Rupert, Idaho

30. Albion Telephone Company–Albion, Idaho

31. AgrisourceInc.–Burley,Idaho

32. Idaho Milk Transport Inc. – Burley, Idaho

33. Gordon Paving Company – Twin Falls, Idaho

34. Barclay Mechanical Services Inc. – Paul, Idaho

40 Western Idaho Companies

35. Bucks Bags Inc.-Boise, Idaho

36. Clements Concrete-Garden City, Idaho

37. TMC Inc-Boise, Idaho

38. Western Heating & Air Conditioning – Boise, Idaho

39. Clima-Tech Corporation-Boise, Idaho

40.Treasure Valley Fire Protection–Boise, Idaho

41.Farmers Mutual Telephone – Fruitland, Idaho

42. Drake Cooper Inc.–Boise, Idaho

43. Balihoo Inc.–Boise, Idaho

44. Opts Ideas–Boise, Idaho

45. Cougar Mountain Software Inc.–Boise, Idaho

46. A Company Inc.–Boise, Idaho

47. Excel Equipment Company Inc. – Boise, Idaho

48. H&W Computer Systems – Boise, Idaho

49. Kachina Aviation–Nampa, Idaho

50. Specialty Construction Supplies–Post Falls, Idaho

51. Mountain Home News–Mountain Home,Idaho

52. Tates Rents–Boise, Idaho

53. Zoroco Packaging Inc. – Caldwell, Idaho

54.Steelhead Metal Corporation – Nampa, Idaho

55. Petra Inc–Meridian,Idaho

56. Killpack Transportation–Idaho Falls, Idaho

57. R&M Steel Company – Caldwell, Idaho

58. Asa Automotive System LLC–Meridian, Idaho

59. MD Nursery Landscaping Inc. – Driggs, Idaho

60. Sundance Construction Management Inc. – Boise, Idaho

61. Agri-Lines Irrigation Inc. – Parma, Idaho

62. Assisted Living Idaho LLC – Nampa, Idaho

63. Biomark Inc.–Boise, Idaho

64. JST Manufacturing Inc. – Garden City, Idaho

65. CompunetInc.–Meridian.Idaho

66. American Construction Supply and Rental Inc. – Nampa, Idaho

67. The Internet Truckstop LLC–New Plymouth, Idaho

68. TLC Home Health Care Inc.–Boise, Idaho

69. Kayako Inc.–Boise, Idaho

70. Multicare Home Health & Personal Care Services – Meridian, Idaho

71. Contractors Equipment Supply Company Inc.–Meridian, Idaho

72.Aero Specialties Inc.–Boise, Idaho

73. CRI Advantage Inc.–Boise, Idaho

74. Treasure Valley Coffee Inc.–Boise, Idaho

26 Eastern Idaho Companies

75. Mullen Crane and Transport Inc. – Soda Springs, Idaho

76.Bingham Mechanical Inc.

77. Mountain West Electric Inc.–Blackfoot, Idaho

78. Red Inc.–Idaho Falls,Idaho

79. Microserv True Broadband–Idaho Falls,Idaho

80. North Wind Inc.–Idaho Falls,Idaho

81. Techflow Mission Support LLC – Idaho Falls, Idaho

82. All-Ways Traffic Safety Inc.–Pocatello, Idaho

83. L Double Inc. – American Falls, Idaho

84. Wilcox Marketing Group – Rexburg, Idaho

85. Avcenter Inc.–Pocatello,Idaho

86.Farm Bureau Insurance Company – Pocatello, Idaho

87. Premier Performance LLC – Rexburg, Idaho

88. Eastern Idaho Community Action Partnership – Idaho Falls, Idaho

89. MountainWestResearchCenter–Pocatello,Idaho

90. Safe Haven Health Care LLC – Pocatello, Idaho

91. Apache RiverLLC–Heyburn,Idaho

92. Idaho Asphalt Supply Inc.–Idaho Falls,Idaho

93. The Post Company–Idaho Falls,Idaho

94. Idaho Laboratories Corporation–Idaho Falls,Idaho

95. Woodland Furniture LLC–Idaho Falls,Idaho

96. American Fabrication Inc. – Idaho Falls, Idaho

97. Diversified Metal Products Inc. – Idaho Falls, Idaho

98. AmetInc.–Rexburg, Idaho

99. Depatco–Saint Anthony, Idaho

100. Teton Valley Health Care Inc. – Driggs, Idaho