What a customer thinks is “valuable” is mega subjective!  Unfortunately, no two customers are the same.  Hence no two solutions, services, experience, etc can be the same.  Value is a customized solution & experience that has been created from standard, plain and boring stuff (what your business sells to the public).  So, how good are you at customizing solutions for your customers?  Here are four steps you can use to create value for each customer:

Step 1:      Desire, Passion & Commitment

To create true value for your customers (or yourself, your family and community) you must have real desire, passion and commitment to do so.  Creating value for your customer is hard work.  If you do not have the commitment to follow the steps through to completion, neither you, nor your customer, will see the “fruits of your labors”.  They will be frustrated and you will eventually lose them.  Step one is desire, passion and commitment.

 Step 2:      Understand the WHAT and WHY

To create true value you must understand what the customer really wants and why it is so important to them.  You must catch the vision of their desired result, their ideal outcome and experience they want to have.  You must ask questions and clarify why that ideal outcome is so important to them.  Step two is knowing what is important to your customer and why it is so critical to them.

 Step 3:      Organize Resources & Create the HOW

To create value you must create.  So start by creating a plan.  Gather your resources, your people, your deadlines, etc.  Organize your things and your team.  Start creating something great for your customer.  See each piece through to completion.  Make sure things work the right way.  Double check them.  Follow up and follow through.  Delivery the finished product or solution and delight your customer.  Step three is organizing your resources and identifying how you are going to create the value.

 Step 4:      Monitor and Stay in Creation Mode

Creating value for a customer is not an event.  It is a process.  Creating value is part of your business’s core values, part of your a mission statement and company strategy. Hence, you must always be in creation mode.  You must monitor and stay close to your customer.  Continue learning about their WHAT and their WHY.  These have a tendency to change over time.  Continue to organize your resources and develop new plans.  Step four is keep checking the pulse of the customer and stay in creation mode.

Value must be created from the boring stuff business is made of in order for customers to consider it valuable.  Starbucks knows how to do this.  They take something boring like a bean and transforming it into a remarkable experience (image courtesy of 31 Volts) for their customers every day.  Every business can learn and apply a lesson from this process of creating value.

Creating Value

4 Steps to Create Value for Your Customers