There is no cure-all in business or in life, but good reliable processes help us to become more effective and efficient. This video will discuss a tested process to help you improve your marketing skills and have greater success.

Hi my name is Terry Hansen, I’m the President and founder of Hansen Group Company and I’d like to welcome you to our marketing essentials video series. There’s so many ways businesses can market and promote themselves. One of the best ways for some businesses certainly is through event marketing. I want to share with you seven rules that you as a business owner as a marketer or sales person as any kind of business professional can use when you’re taking advantage of events to market and promote your business.
1. Whatever events you are going to you need to make sure your target market your ideal client is actually going to be in attendance. Not all events are created equal and you need to make sure that your target audience, you’re going to be participating in an event where actually your prospective clients are going to be at.
2. Instead of spending your time at the booth or at the event talking about all the features and benefits of your product, don’t focus on those, focus on the issues, challenges, problems and pains of your prospective customer. Talk about those ask them questions about those and you’ll get much more attention and focus there.
3. Whatever you need to do, capture the contact information of the person you are talking with. Incentivize them, do whatever you need to do to try to get their contact information so you can follow up with them later on.
4. Don’t be so focused on trying to sell them something right there on the spot, don’t worry about selling them anything today. Simply book an appointment for later so that you can start building value and creating value and a good relationship with them later on.
5. Be quick to follow up. Don’t wait days and days and weeks and months to finally get in touch them, follow up with them in the first 24-48 hours, be quick with that.
6. Have multiple communication connections with them. Make sure you’re connecting with them via email, or phone, or face-to-face, but also things like social media. Develop multiple communication connections with them so that you can make your communication with them that much more efficient.
7. Last but not least whatever you need to do, don’t be boring! Be creative, be innovative, do things that capture attention and be engaging, and be fun and entertaining. Don’t be boring.
My name is Terry Hansen. Use event marketing to your advantage by taking advantage of these seven rules and we’ll see you next time. Take care.