IdahoFalls320x250Hansen Group Company, Inc was started in 2007 by entrepreneur Terry Hansen. The Hansen Group initially focused on providing professional services and consulting to individuals and businesses all over the state of Idaho.

As the business grew and expanded its reach more and more clients expressed a need for additional employee training, learning and skill development. Hansen Group answered the call by developing training and coaching programs designed to increase revenue by improving:

  •  Customer service
  •  Client retention
  •  Marketing strategy
  •  Lead generation efforts
  •  Sales closing ratios
  •  Sales revenue
  •  Staff management effectiveness
  •  Organizational leadership
  •  Employee retention
  •  Time management
  •  Motivation and productivity
  •  Goal setting
  •  Personal development
Hansen Group Company

With its many individual coaching programs, in-house team trainings and large group workshops and seminars; Hansen Group clients can be found all over the country and come from many different industries. Contact us today to learn how Hansen Group Company can assist your business reinforce change and help your team achieve better results. Call us at 208-346-1005 or email us directly at