Audio RecordingsHansen Group Company, Inc has developed an audio training library for you to use to improve your personal effectiveness and your team’s performance. These are great for personal use or as part of your team’s weekly training.

“Where’s The Value?”

Do you remember the Wendy’s TV commercial from the 80’s that featured the catch phrase “Where’s The Beef?” Today many customers feel let down by not having their basic expectations met and they cry out “Where’s The Value!?!” In this audio program Terry Hansen reviews several strategies and tools that will help increase your personal value, your relationship value and your organizational value. Learn how to create massive value and get the most out of life and business. $27.00 (two disc set)

“A Leg Up For Your Business”

Business owners and professionals from all over ask Hansen Group Company to mentor and coaching them in their day-to-day business efforts. Listen as Terry Hansen shares with you the same insights, strategies and techniques he teaches several business owners after finishing up with their coaching appointment. $27.00 COMING SOON!!!

“Can You Spare Some Change?”

These days it seems like almost every industry is being shaken up with new regulations, consolidations, stiffer competition and changes of every kind. While we know that change is a fact of life and something we must adapt to, it is often difficult to know HOW to evolve and adapt to the necessary changes that happen in life and business. In this audio program Terry Hansen shares with you several principles that will help you “thrive in chaos” and successfully adapt to the ever changing environment around us. $27.00 COMING SOON!!!

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