Sometimes the reason why a sales professional struggles to close more sales is because they do not understand the unique value of their company.  While many business owners understand the real value of what their companies do, they have not done a good job at sharing this vision with their sales people.   As a result, sales people have non-relevant, uninteresting and uninspiring things to share with, or questions to ask, their sales prospects.

Terry L hansen

Know Your Unique Value

In order to grow sales revenue, companies must know their unique value in the market place.  They must be clear on what their brand really means.  A company’s brand or unique value is its one-of-a-kind contribution to the world, not the products they sell.  A sales person who talks, or asks questions, about their products will always be an average producer.  A sales person who talks, or asks questions, about their unique contribution to the world will always be a top producer.


If you are an entrepreneur, business owner or sales professional who would like to increase your sales revenue you must first start with identifying your company’s unique brand value.  From there you must then begin working on refining selling skills and behaviors that generate opportunities for selling success.  With these two elements in place you can begin to approach your selling like an expert consultant rather than an order taking sales clerk.


If you would like guidance in identifying what your company’s unique brand value is, there is no one I know who can do this better than my friend Justin Foster.  Tell him Terry L. Hansen sent you.  To your success!


Justin Foster