Bingham Mechanical – Commercial Plumbing and Heating pushes prime customer service. According to the Idaho Falls, Idaho based company’s website, they strive to maintain a great relationship with the Owners, General Contractors & Subcontractors to provide a team concept on their projects.

The customer experience must be a well thought out process that engages the customer’s senses, their mind, and their emotions in a way that leaves a lasting impression.

Bingham Mechanical understands this need of having a positive customer experience. According to their website they stated, “we have worked very hard over many years to gain the reputation as the contractor who will supply the needed professional manpower to complete the project on time.”

Bingham Mechanical has had many clients and has conducted beautiful work for them. These clients include, four BYU-Idaho buildings, the BYU-Idaho I-Center, Melaleuca, hospitals around the region, and others.

They are committed that No Job is too Big or too Small. This illustrates that through their undeniably hard working mindsets and their complete awareness and care for their customers, Bingham Mechanical is an honorable and determined company.

How important is customer service for you?

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