A story is told of an old sailor who prepared his vessel to set out to sea.  A young boy happened along and saw the old man carefully inspecting the outside and inside of his boat.  “Why do you waste so much time on your boat when the tide is going out?”  The old sailor turned to the boy and said, “I am inspecting my boat for leaks.  A leaky boat doesn’t carry you far even if you are sailing with the tide.”

B2B Buyers Remorse

When we think of “buyers remorse” it is easy for us assume that it is only something that retail stores have to deal with.  However, the fact is, business-to-business (B2B) sales professional run into buyers remorse with their sales prospects frequently and must also take steps to avoid closing a sale with a prospect who is still nervous or worried about moving forward.


Inspect Your Boat For Leaks

After you close a sale it is natural to get excited and emotional and want to celebrate the victory.  However, before you celebrate your victory and start spending your commission check, be sure to “inspect your boat for leaks” first.  Take a few minutes to ask your new customer about the worries and objections they shared with you during the sales process.  Ask them if they are still concerned about them.  If the answer is YES, then don’t “set sail” until those concerns are resolved.  If the answer is NO, than you can rest easy at night knowing that you won’t have to deal with B2B buyers remorse.


Confirming the Sale

There is a “hidden” (and secret) step in the professional selling process AFTER you close the sale.  It is called “Confirming the Sale”.  When sales professionals take the time to make sure the sale is solid and the prospect does not have ANY reasons (big or small) to back out a few days after they have signed the contract or agreement, they elevate their professionalism and increase the credibility and trust the prospect has in them.  They also create an insurance policy to protect themselves and their companies against B2B buyers remorse.



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