Strategies to Land the Job You Want!

Finding a job today can be difficult for several reasons:

78% of jobs are filled by someone who was referred to the hiring manager before the job was posted to the public.
Job searcher competition is high and everyone is working to gain an advantage over the next person.
Companies are looking for the “best bang for their […]

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Five Steps to Achieve Your Company Mission

In your work place somewhere hanging on a wall you will find a framed document that reads “Company Mission Statement”. It might also read, “Company Vision” or “Company Values”. Like most people, I am sure you have walked by it several times and not really ever noticed it or read it.

Studies show that 74% of […]

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The Seven Life Lessons We Forget Along the Way

Life has a way of throwing curve balls at you. They often cause you and I to forget some basic truths we have learned or we sometimes twist and contort those basic truths into false realities. Unfortunately, if our perception of ourselves and others becomes too skewed for a too long we can start experiencing […]

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The “Grow Idaho” Movement Press Release

Hansen Group Company is excited about the official launch of its “Grow Idaho” Movement.  The press release below has been distributed state wide to various news agencies.  If you would like to nominate a president or the CEO, of a successful mid-size company in Idaho, to be interviewed for the Grow Idaho movement you are […]

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“I’m In.”

A Personal Manifesto by Terry Hansen.

I seek to make a real contribution.  I want to do good and make a difference in the world.  I want what I do to count for something and have purpose and meaning.  I am not an average person without prospects, hope or a future. 

On the contrary, I have […]

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Surprise! How You Feel about Yourself Matters

How you see yourself, feel about yourself and think about yourself dramatically impacts your professional performance.

We humans are made up of two parts:  who we ARE (our inside life), and what we DO (our outside life).  We are taught from a very early age that what you do determines your value.  If you perform well […]

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Four Ways to Win the Fight for Customer Loyalty

The Fight for Loyalty

In these fast paced and complex economic times, business owners are fighting harder than ever to maintain customer loyalty.  Many forces work to deteriorate hard won customer loyalty.  Stiffer competition, an expansion of choices, new technology, cheaper prices and a host of other forces are continually working to weaken the grip that […]

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