MaxValue Selling Rule #49

Just because you know something, doesn’t mean you will use it.  That is why at least 50% of a sales person’s success can be attributed to the development and refinement of their behaviors and skills.  We all know things that we should be doing, but studies show that only about 9% actually do the things […]

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How to increase your prospects’ Response Rates


Send a relevant & valuable article, video podcast, etc. prior to attempting to solicit


Use someone else’s name
Be introduced
Use LinkedIn
Use gatekeepers


Plan ahead
Leverage network
Add value 1st, sell 2nd

Social Media:

Send personalized connection request


Short messages
First name only
No pitching
Ask for “help” or “advice”


Short questions
Subject line only
Add value 1st, sell 2nd


Ask questions
Send link

Use 2 or 3 […]

The Six Secrets to My Success


When companies hear about the results that many of my clients have experienced with their sales teams, their first question is usually, “What are you doing?” I usually respond with something like, “Come and see for yourself.” I invite them as a guest to workshops and seminars where they get to see firsthand what we […]

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Bingham Mechanical Works Hard to Achieve Prime Customer Service

Bingham Mechanical – Commercial Plumbing and Heating pushes prime customer service. According to the Idaho Falls, Idaho based company’s website, they strive to maintain a great relationship with the Owners, General Contractors & Subcontractors to provide a team concept on their projects.

The customer experience must be a well thought out process that engages the customer’s senses, […]

Surprise! How You Feel about Yourself Matters

How you see yourself, feel about yourself and think about yourself dramatically impacts your professional performance.

We humans are made up of two parts:  who we ARE (our inside life), and what we DO (our outside life).  We are taught from a very early age that what you do determines your value.  If you perform well […]

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Four Ways to Win the Fight for Customer Loyalty

The Fight for Loyalty

In these fast paced and complex economic times, business owners are fighting harder than ever to maintain customer loyalty.  Many forces work to deteriorate hard won customer loyalty.  Stiffer competition, an expansion of choices, new technology, cheaper prices and a host of other forces are continually working to weaken the grip that […]

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Creating Value

Creating Value With What You Have Been Given

Many people read books to improve their business skills and knowledge. One of the most popular books for self-improvement is the Holy Bible.  While this blog post is not an attempt to get religious on you, it is an attempt to use a biblical story to illustrate an […]

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4 Steps For Creating Value For Customers!

What a customer thinks is “valuable” is mega subjective!  Unfortunately, no two customers are the same.  Hence no two solutions, services, experience, etc can be the same.  Value is a customized solution & experience that has been created from standard, plain and boring stuff (what your business sells to the public).  So, how good are […]

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