Bingham Mechanical Works Hard to Achieve Prime Customer Service

Bingham Mechanical – Commercial Plumbing and Heating pushes prime customer service. According to the Idaho Falls, Idaho based company’s website, they strive to maintain a great relationship with the Owners, General Contractors & Subcontractors to provide a team concept on their projects.

The customer experience must be a well thought out process that engages the customer’s senses, […]

Project Mutual Telephone is Taking Customer Service to a New Level

Project Mutual Telephone’s customer service is at a new level. PMT is a company based in Rupert, Idaho that specializes in Communication services including, phone, Internet, cable TV, long distance services and wireless.

They are dedicated to running the company with customers fully in mind. According to the website, PMT is a customer owned company that […]

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Caring about People

Genuinely caring about other people makes for the best customer service program.

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Four Ways to Win the Fight for Customer Loyalty

The Fight for Loyalty

In these fast paced and complex economic times, business owners are fighting harder than ever to maintain customer loyalty.  Many forces work to deteriorate hard won customer loyalty.  Stiffer competition, an expansion of choices, new technology, cheaper prices and a host of other forces are continually working to weaken the grip that […]

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Do I have Good Customer Service?

Do I have Good Customer Service? 

Most businesses promote their “excellent customer service” as their unique value in the market place.  While they may indeed have great customer service, unfortunately their competitors claim the same thing which makes having “excellent customer service” hardly unique.  Furthermore, many businesses don’t actually know how to tell if their […]

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4 Steps For Creating Value For Customers!

What a customer thinks is “valuable” is mega subjective!  Unfortunately, no two customers are the same.  Hence no two solutions, services, experience, etc can be the same.  Value is a customized solution & experience that has been created from standard, plain and boring stuff (what your business sells to the public).  So, how good are […]

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