Great Managers have the E.D.G.E.

“Great managers are also great teachers. Great teachers explain, demonstrate, guide and encourage (E.D.G.E.) constant improvement.” -Terry Hansen

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Project Mutual Telephone is Taking Customer Service to a New Level

Project Mutual Telephone’s customer service is at a new level. PMT is a company based in Rupert, Idaho that specializes in Communication services including, phone, Internet, cable TV, long distance services and wireless.

They are dedicated to running the company with customers fully in mind. According to the website, PMT is a customer owned company that […]

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Avoiding a Dangerous Management Trap

When challenges arise in business, as they usually do, business owners and other professionals often fall into a common trap that keeps companies from reaching their potential. It is called the “Now What? Trap”.  The Now What Trap happens when a business leader organizes a meeting to thoroughly discuss a problem the business is having.  […]

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What Makes a Great Leader?

As we look back and celebrate Martin Luther King Jr. today and all that he has contributed to society let us take his wonderful attributes and apply them to our own lives. How can we become leaders like Martin Luther King Jr.? How can we be a push for good in our businesses and other […]

The On-Boarding Process for New Employees

Recently we wrote about how to make the training process for new hires more simple and easy once they are hired.  This article will focus on three aspects of what an employer need to have in order to help the new hire become a stronger cultural fit within the company. Three aspects that will help […]

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What Questions Do I Ask When Interviewing a Sales Person?

We often get asked for examples of interview questions that are good to use when hiring a sales person.  Hiring sales people can be somewhat tricky.  Below are a few questions that will help you determine if the sales person you are looking to hire might be a good fit for your organization.

The Best Sales […]

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How to Help and Effectively Train New Employees

How to Help and Effectively Train New Employees

Having new employees in the work place can be one of the most challenging, yet rewarding events for a business. This new blood has been hired to help improve your company, your product and your culture. That is why the training period for these employees is so crucial […]

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11 Tips to Improve Training Meetings

11 Tips to Improve Training Meetings


Effective Training Meetings

“Thirty more minutes of this? I have learned nothing for the last hour and I have a two hour drive home.” This is a feeling most of us have had at one time or another during a business meeting.


Business meetings can be very instructive and useful, or they […]

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