MaxValue Selling Rule #49

Just because you know something, doesn’t mean you will use it.  That is why at least 50% of a sales person’s success can be attributed to the development and refinement of their behaviors and skills.  We all know things that we should be doing, but studies show that only about 9% actually do the things […]

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Great Managers have the E.D.G.E.

“Great managers are also great teachers. Great teachers explain, demonstrate, guide and encourage (E.D.G.E.) constant improvement.” -Terry Hansen

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Tips for a Better Work-Life Balance

Recently Terry Hansen was interviewed by Channel 8 News to discuss tips that busy people can use to reduce the negative impact that can occur when they find it difficult to balance work life with home life.  Watch the 2 minute video here.

Hansen suggests the following for reducing stress and pressure at work:

1) Take better […]

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Five Steps to Achieve Your Company Mission

In your work place somewhere hanging on a wall you will find a framed document that reads “Company Mission Statement”. It might also read, “Company Vision” or “Company Values”. Like most people, I am sure you have walked by it several times and not really ever noticed it or read it.

Studies show that 74% of […]

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What’s Your Position on Opposition?

Recently a news agency reporter asked me about my thoughts on the future potential for opposition and challenges that might come to Hansen Group Company as it relates to some of its programs, initiatives and efforts. The question caught me a bit by surprise. I truthfully had not considered it in the past. However, as […]

Improve Your Performance by Improving Your Self Worth

Do you know individuals (managers, sales people, customer service reps, etc) who seem to work hard but never quite succeed at what they want to accomplish? Then there are others who don’t work quite as hard but seem to achieve great successes? Why is that? What makes the difference between great achievers and mediocre achievers?

There […]

Common Sense, But Not Common Practice

One of the great truths in life is, “It is not what you know that counts, but what you do with that knowledge that makes all the difference.”

For example, let’s pretend you are not happy with your weight and you want to be healthier.  Everyone knows it is important to eat better quality food and […]

Avoiding a Dangerous Management Trap

When challenges arise in business, as they usually do, business owners and other professionals often fall into a common trap that keeps companies from reaching their potential. It is called the “Now What? Trap”.  The Now What Trap happens when a business leader organizes a meeting to thoroughly discuss a problem the business is having.  […]

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