Is Your Prospect Fake?


Is Your Prospect Fake?
Five Factors to Qualify Prospects
I’ve noticed that even among seasoned sales professionals that language can become cloudy or unclear.  Even worse, sales people can convince themselves (and their sales managers) that their sales pipeline is “rosier” than it actually is.  I’d like to share five factors that will help bring a heavy […]

How to increase your prospects’ Response Rates


Send a relevant & valuable article, video podcast, etc. prior to attempting to solicit


Use someone else’s name
Be introduced
Use LinkedIn
Use gatekeepers


Plan ahead
Leverage network
Add value 1st, sell 2nd

Social Media:

Send personalized connection request


Short messages
First name only
No pitching
Ask for “help” or “advice”


Short questions
Subject line only
Add value 1st, sell 2nd


Ask questions
Send link

Use 2 or 3 […]

Five Steps to Achieve Your Company Mission

In your work place somewhere hanging on a wall you will find a framed document that reads “Company Mission Statement”. It might also read, “Company Vision” or “Company Values”. Like most people, I am sure you have walked by it several times and not really ever noticed it or read it.

Studies show that 74% of […]

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What’s Your Position on Opposition?

Recently a news agency reporter asked me about my thoughts on the future potential for opposition and challenges that might come to Hansen Group Company as it relates to some of its programs, initiatives and efforts. The question caught me a bit by surprise. I truthfully had not considered it in the past. However, as […]

The “Grow Idaho” Movement Press Release

Hansen Group Company is excited about the official launch of its “Grow Idaho” Movement.  The press release below has been distributed state wide to various news agencies.  If you would like to nominate a president or the CEO, of a successful mid-size company in Idaho, to be interviewed for the Grow Idaho movement you are […]

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6 Steps for Generating Social Media Leads

Business owners and marketers are always looking for ways to improve their relationships with existing and prospective customers.  While many people know social media has become a terrific tool to do those very things, we can, however, sometimes lose sight of the pathway we need to follow to generate new leads from social media.  The […]

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Marketing at Charitable Events

Charitable events are an investment that many companies make. Some may be frustrated because they are not seeing the results they desire from these events. This video will teach you which charitable organizations to work with and how to most effectively work with them.


Hi my name is Terry Hansen I’m the President and founder of […]

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Marketing at Community Events

Businesses must work with many different groups of people. Marketing in your community is a great way to build a good reputation and to get your name spread throughout the community. Marketing at community events is a good time to lay groundwork for long term customer relations in your area.

Hi my name is Terry Hansen. […]

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