Mastering a New Set of Prospecting Skills

More and more companies are ditching expensive advertising efforts and expecting their sales team to think and act like marketers instead.  Companies are making this shift for a variety of reasons.  However, whatever those reasons might be, one thing is certain:  To be EFFECTIVE in professional selling today sales people need to become masters of […]

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Is Your Prospect Fake?


Is Your Prospect Fake?
Five Factors to Qualify Prospects
I’ve noticed that even among seasoned sales professionals that language can become cloudy or unclear.  Even worse, sales people can convince themselves (and their sales managers) that their sales pipeline is “rosier” than it actually is.  I’d like to share five factors that will help bring a heavy […]

New Client Shout Out: Randi Kirchofner of Vitality Health Center

Hansen Group Company is pleased to welcome its newest client, Randi Kirchofner of Vitality Health Center in Idaho Falls.  Vitality Health Center is one of the leading nutritional consulting, testing and therapy centers in East Idaho.  

Terry Hansen, founder of Hansen Group Company said, “We are excited to work with Randi and her team at Vitality Health Center.  They are […]

100 Nominated Organizations for Grow Idaho

Hansen Group Company is pleased to announce that it has nominated the first 100 companies in the state of Idaho to participate in its “Grow Idaho” Movement. The Grow Idaho Movement is designed to help strengthen Idaho’s economy through an innovative process of assisting small and midsize companies throughout the state thrive and become stronger.

The complete […]

6 Steps for Generating Social Media Leads

Business owners and marketers are always looking for ways to improve their relationships with existing and prospective customers.  While many people know social media has become a terrific tool to do those very things, we can, however, sometimes lose sight of the pathway we need to follow to generate new leads from social media.  The […]

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How to Get Past the Gatekeeper?

One of the great challenges many sales people face when working to generate new leads for their business is getting to the main decision maker.  For decades we have been taught that a sales person must eventually speak with the persons who can sign the check in order for a sale to happen.  Decision makers […]

When Do I Close a Sale?

As a professional salesperson it may be difficult to gage when to “close” the sale with a new prospect.  If you try and go for the close too early, you may catch the prospect off guard and get a NO.  If you try and close too late you may miss the opportunity and still get […]

Sales Mistakes that can Kill a Deal

Sales Mistakes That can Kill a Deal

Every sales person has their strengths and weaknesses when working to close deals with prospective clients. Here are eight of the most common mistakes made by sales people that can turn into deal breakers.

The sales person talks too much in the 30 second introduction. 70% of the conversation should […]

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