The Extinction of Sales People









The Death of “Sales People”: How To Avoid Extinction in the Next 24 Months

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Expert sales trainer, Terry L. Hansen, is predicting the COMPLETE EXTINCTION OF ALL SALES PEOPLE within the next 24 months. Sound radical? Consider this: “Sales people” are individuals who service […]

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Is Your Prospect Fake?


Is Your Prospect Fake?
Five Factors to Qualify Prospects
I’ve noticed that even among seasoned sales professionals that language can become cloudy or unclear.  Even worse, sales people can convince themselves (and their sales managers) that their sales pipeline is “rosier” than it actually is.  I’d like to share five factors that will help bring a heavy […]

How to increase your prospects’ Response Rates


Send a relevant & valuable article, video podcast, etc. prior to attempting to solicit


Use someone else’s name
Be introduced
Use LinkedIn
Use gatekeepers


Plan ahead
Leverage network
Add value 1st, sell 2nd

Social Media:

Send personalized connection request


Short messages
First name only
No pitching
Ask for “help” or “advice”


Short questions
Subject line only
Add value 1st, sell 2nd


Ask questions
Send link

Use 2 or 3 […]

Four Ways to Win the Fight for Customer Loyalty

The Fight for Loyalty

In these fast paced and complex economic times, business owners are fighting harder than ever to maintain customer loyalty.  Many forces work to deteriorate hard won customer loyalty.  Stiffer competition, an expansion of choices, new technology, cheaper prices and a host of other forces are continually working to weaken the grip that […]

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How to Get Past the Gatekeeper?

One of the great challenges many sales people face when working to generate new leads for their business is getting to the main decision maker.  For decades we have been taught that a sales person must eventually speak with the persons who can sign the check in order for a sale to happen.  Decision makers […]

When Do I Close a Sale?

As a professional salesperson it may be difficult to gage when to “close” the sale with a new prospect.  If you try and go for the close too early, you may catch the prospect off guard and get a NO.  If you try and close too late you may miss the opportunity and still get […]

What Questions Do I Ask When Interviewing a Sales Person?

We often get asked for examples of interview questions that are good to use when hiring a sales person.  Hiring sales people can be somewhat tricky.  Below are a few questions that will help you determine if the sales person you are looking to hire might be a good fit for your organization.

The Best Sales […]

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Strategies for Generating More Referrals

Studies show that 87% of customers are willing to refer friends and peers to a particular business.  However, only 11% of these customers are asked for referrals.

If you are not in the habit of asking for referrals, START NOW.  If you are already in the habit of asking for referrals but have not had much […]

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