Five Changes to Make in Your Sales Prospecting Approach Immediately

Every professional sales person knows that hunting and prospecting for new sales opportunities each week is vital to reaching their sales goals.  Obviously without a steady flow of new business coming into the company, annual sales revenue grows at a much slower rate.


However, in my own research I have notice that approximately 75% of sales […]

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The Secret to Gaining More Power and Control of Your Sales

Have you ever felt like you are “riding in the back seat” when it comes to your sales efforts?  Does it seem like you don’t have much influence or control over your income, your selling success or failures?


Just like natural laws like gravity impact our life in many ways, there are natural laws that govern […]

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21 Powerful Topics to Build Your Selling Expertise

For many kids around the country today is the last day of school and they officially start their Summer break.  Let the Summer time fun begin!

School is Never Out
However, for us sales professionals, business owners and entrepreneurs “school is never out”.  Because we love what we do and we are committed to excellence we are […]

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A Simple Trick To Close More Sales

In sales there are several activities and tasks that can be uncomfortable, boring, difficult or scary.  How we deal with fears, procrastination, comfort zones, habits, negative thoughts and emotions all require a large degree of self-control and self-discipline.  Self-disciple is what allows us to overcome the things that hold us back in sales.


However, what do […]

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A Biblical Story That Can Help You Close More Sales

I want to share three principles with you to help you generate more sales leads, close more sales and increase client retention.


There is a timeless parable that Jesus taught in the Bible that every business owner, manager and sales person can learn from.  This parable illustrates these three principles perfectly.  As Jesus was wrapping up […]

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Three Secrets for Closing More Sales

I get asked all the time by sales reps and their sales managers, “How can I (or my team) close more sales?”


While there may be different “right answers” for different situations, in my experience as much as 80% of selling success is influenced by a sales persons attitude, mindsets and motivation.  Improving this one element […]

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Four Steps To Close More Sales

My favorite part of selling (next to closing the sale) is when the sales prospect says, “You have really given me a new perspective and caused me to look at this situation in a different way.”  When my sales prospects have that experience with me during my selling process, my sales closing ratio goes up […]

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The Secret to Avoiding B2B Buyers Remorse

A story is told of an old sailor who prepared his vessel to set out to sea.  A young boy happened along and saw the old man carefully inspecting the outside and inside of his boat.  “Why do you waste so much time on your boat when the tide is going out?”  The old sailor […]

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