I get asked all the time by sales reps and their sales managers, “How can I (or my team) close more sales?”


While there may be different “right answers” for different situations, in my experience as much as 80% of selling success is influenced by a sales persons attitude, mindsets and motivation.  Improving this one element alone can dramatically impact a sales persons closing ratio.  Let me explain with four questions and three steps you can use to implement what I am describing.


What drives our selling outcomes and results?

Sales results and outcomes are a consequence of the behaviors, actions and habits we do each day.  If we want to set more sales appointments, close more sales and retain more clients, than we MUST focus on changing and improving the behaviors, actions and habits that produce those results.


What drives our sales actions and behaviors?

Sales activities and behaviors are heavily influenced by our attitudes, mindset and beliefs about ourselves, our companies and our marketplace.  If we want to change what we do than we MUST focus on changing and improving HOW we think about those selling activities and behaviors.

How do I adopt a better sales mindset and attitude?

Because as much as 80% of our selling success depends on our internal motivation, mindset, beliefs and attitude, let me share with you THREE STEPS you can take to adopt a better selling mindset that will drive better sales activities and produce better sales results for you:



Be brutally honest with yourself about what holds you back.  Identify all of the limiting beliefs, negative thoughts and garbage “stories” you tell yourself about your worth, your value and your usefulness.  Write those stories down and make a list of these beliefs.



Below each negative belief and garbage story you wrote down, write a second statement that is the exact opposite of the first statement.  For example, if I have a negative belief that, “I annoy and frustrate people when I cold call them.”  I might rewrite that statement as, “People appreciate my proactive efforts to help them solve their challenging problems and achieve their goals.”



With several new beliefs, positive thoughts and empowering stories that represent the truth about our value, our worth and our usefulness; we must review those statements frequently.  Review them in the morning before work, before our sales calls, throughout the day and before bed.  Think about them and adopt these new thoughts as your own thoughts.  Overwrite the old program with a new program.  Toss out the old script and replace it with a new script.


What happens as my attitude and beliefs change?

With our new sales mindset and empowering beliefs swimming around in our minds throughout the day, we will begin to see new evidence and proof of their truthfulness.  We will schedule a sales appointment or close a sale and say to ourselves, “That was easy.  I guess I can confidently close sales when it is right…”  Our mind will start looking for evidence to support our new beliefs.  Our minds always find what they are looking for.


As our thoughts and beliefs change so will out actions and behaviors.  We will become more confident and assertive.  We will be less fearful of the uncomfortable.  We will procrastinate less on the difficult task we have to do.  We will do the activities, behaviors and actions that our business requires us to do to close more sales.  An increase of sales productivity will be the natural outcome of our efforts and we will close more sales.  All of that is what happens when our attitudes and beliefs change.


Let me know if we can help you and your team in any way.


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