A prospect’s perception of you is 10 times more powerful in closing a sale than any sales technique you could use.  How do your prospects perceive you and your sales process?


Think back to a time when you lost a sale in a competitive situation.  Have you ever called the prospect back and asked them why they decided not to use you?  Maybe their answers were something like, “We felt like Company X was going to be a better long-term partner” or “Their solution was a better fit” or “We liked the process they took us through”, etc.


Did you hear IT?  Did you notice what they were REALLY saying?


They were describing their perception of your company, your selling process or your solution.  According to their perception your solution was less credible, less valuable and less trustworthy than your competitors.  They viewed you and your offering as “disposable”.  Disposable means easily to replace, exchange, switch, substitute or swap.   If our prospects or customer feel like that about us, we will always struggle to close new sales and retain clients.


Here’s an important question:


What did you do during your sales process to give them the prospect that sort of “disposable” perception you?  Do you know?  Are you aware of how you are selling?  If not, you may be making things much harder on yourself than you need to.  As a university professor of mine once told me “With awareness comes change”.


I want to help you become “aware” of the things you are doing that cause a prospect to view you and your company as “disposable”.  On October 27th at 11am MDT I will be hosting a special sales training webinar titled “Avoid Becoming a Disposable Sales Person”.  You are welcome to attend for FREE as my guest if you use the below link to register.  Other links will take you into a payment process.


We have limited seating so register now for the event and learn advanced strategies to help your prospects view you as a highly sought after, valuable and trusted sales professional.  Learn how to close more sales and retain clients for longer periods of time.  It will be well worth your time and you will be glad you registered.


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See you on the webinar!


Terry L. Hansen


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