Stop and Ask!

Too many sales professional “shoot from the hip” or “wing it” when it comes to their conversations with sales prospects.  Because their primary selling purpose is simply to “drop by and check in” or “stop by and see how things are” or “to say hi“, they are often brushed off, not taken seriously or viewed as an annoyance.  Sales people with these habits often struggle with heavy competition because they struggle to be different.


Try this instead of “dropping by to say hi“:  Prior to meeting with a new sales prospect take a few minutes before walking into the office and ask yourself these questions:

  1. “What is my objective and highest outcome for this meeting?”

  2. “What value am I bringing to the conversation today?”

  3. “What questions do I need to ask to engage the business owner in topics they care about?”

  4. “What new insights can I share with them to help them see their business in a new way?”

Ask Yourself These Questions Prior To Selling

Being clear on the answers to these questions will help you create more value for your sales prospects, build more trust and credibility and close more sales.  Avoid the temptation to just drop my to say hi.  Have a higher purpose and be willing to make a bigger impact in your clients business.

Sales Coaching

Even Olympic athletes have coaches to support, teach, encourage and guide them on their performance.  Sales professionals must refine their selling skills the same way an athlete does if they want to succeed.  Terry L. Hansen offers two complementary sales coaching sessions to entrepreneurs, sales professionals, business owners and managers who want to take their sales revenue to the next level.  Contact Terry by calling toll free: 844-205-5054 or by emailing him at  You can also connect with him Twitter, Facebook, Linkedin and Instagram.  To your success!