Everyday I’m Hustlin’

In today’s business environment it is easy to get discouraged and depressed over the lack of results that we work so hard to achieve. The outcomes we are typically shooting for are things like more sales, better client retention, higher employee moral, improved productivity, increased job satisfaction, etc. Along the path to achieving these types of results we can get bogged down by the various challenges, setbacks and problems that are naturally a part of this journey. When discussing making changes and improvements in their business, one of our training clients said, “We have a clear end goal but our financial resources so limited, it is hard to make any real progress. What do we do?”  There is no simple answer to a question like this.  But in part, the answer is you HUSTLE.

In 2013 the Boston Marathon was tragically interrupted by a terrorist blast that killed and injured many. In 2014, the marathon runners returned to the race with a cry to “take back that finish line”.  Meb Keflezighi (featured below courtesy of CNN.com) crossed the finish line first in the men’s division. He finished his race and made it across the finish line because he hustled for 26.2 miles.

Business is no different.  Everyday we have to do what we CAN do within the restraints, confines and limitations that the environment places on us.  Sometimes we can break those limitations and sometimes we can’t.  When we can’t overcome the restraints than the only thing that is left for us to do is to HUSTLE.  Hustling is like running a marathon.  It is a long road and takes a lot of work but in the end the success is the sweetest.   Someone once said, “The only place that ‘greatness’ comes before ‘hustle’ is in the dictionary”.   If we are working within confines or limitations that are difficult to overcome, than you and I have to get very good a hustling each day.  We must work smart and keep the things that matter most as our highest priority.  We must never give us or get distracted by a “quick fix” or “easy way out”.  There are no quick fixes when you are running a 26.2 mile marathon.  Just patience, dedication, consistency and commitment.  There is a finish line but it will take a lot of hustle to get there.  So let’s get back in the game.  Let’s rededicate ourselves to hustlin’ everyday.  Let’s take back our finish line and win this race that we started.  We have the stuff of greatness inside and we can make a difference in the world if we are confident in our capabilities.  Keep up the good work.  Good luck this week.  See you at the finish line…