Every professional sales person knows that hunting and prospecting for new sales opportunities each week is vital to reaching their sales goals.  Obviously without a steady flow of new business coming into the company, annual sales revenue grows at a much slower rate.


However, in my own research I have notice that approximately 75% of sales reps make 15 contacts to new businesses (or fewer) each per week.  That’s not very many.  If sales prospecting is so vital to business success than why aren’t more sales people doing it?




Most sales reps blame being too busy, a lack of qualified leads or “nobody likes being cold called” as the main reasons why sales prospecting doesn’t happen very consistently.


However, the real reason why sales people don’t prospect very often is that hunting for new business is fun when it works, but very frustrating when it doesn’t.


Why don’t their prospecting efforts work?

Why are they not setting up more new sales appointments?


Generally speaking it is because the sales prospects feels pressured and uncomfortable with how the sales person is approaching them.  They feel like they are being pushed into something they don’t want by the sales person.  So, naturally the prospect resist and tells the sales person “We happy with what we have”, “We’re not interested”, “No thanks”, etc.




There is one thing that, if changed and updated, will cause a sales people to immediately starting seeing greater success in the number of sales appointments they schedule each week.


It is their approach or how they introduce themselves to the sales prospect.  Sales people often call it their “elevator pitch” or their “30 second commercial”.


Making a few modest changes to their approach will make prospecting easier and produce better results.  This will in turn cause sales people to start enjoying the hunt for new opportunities once again.




Let me share with you five critical changes to your prospecting approach that must be made.  Then I want to invite you to click the link below and attend a free mini-sales training workshop to explore these five changes in more detail.  Here are the five changes:


  • Build trust by not starting the conversation in the same way most sales reps do,
  • Capture the prospects attention by mentioning common buyer problems instead of typical seller products,
  • Engage and involve them with new kinds of questions,
  • Surprise and delight them by lowering their risk to meet with you,
  • Establish clear expectations by confirming their commitment to the next conversation.




Because these five changes are simple to understand but might be difficult to apply to your company or industry, we have prepared a complementary “mini-sales training workshop” that dives deeper into these five changes.  “The Anatomy of the Call” is a free 30 minute workshop that will show you the exact structure and format you can use in your prospecting approach.  It has been field tested in many industries and is guaranteed to help you:

  • Build greater trust and credibility with sales prospects
  • Capture prospects attention and avoid being blown off
  • Get your prospect emotionally hooked on taking action
  • Motivate your prospect to schedule a time to meet with you again
  • Get a huge jump start that speeds up your selling process


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