Do I have Good Customer Service? 

customer service representative
Most businesses promote their “excellent customer service” as their unique value in the market place.  While they may indeed have great customer service, unfortunately their competitors claim the same thing which makes having “excellent customer service” hardly unique.  Furthermore, many businesses don’t actually know how to tell if their customer service is top notch or sub-pare.  Here are three ways to measure whether or not your customer service is creating any value for your business and customers:

(1)  The number of referrals you receive

(2)  The number of customers who repurchase from you

(3)  The number of repurchases made by repeat customers

Technology has helped meet the demand for instant access to products and faster service.  However there has also been a decline in the quantity and quality human interaction throughout the selling processes. This decline in human interaction has made customer service somewhat of a “lost art” form, but it still remains as the best way to get more referrals, increase the number of repeat customers, and enhance the repurchase rate of your customers.



When it comes to improving your customer service, we recommend the acronym: C.A.R.E.  It stands for Create A Real Experience.  Creating a real experience for your customers involves making an impression or impacting them in one of three ways:  emotionally, intellectually or spiritually.  Let’s look at each of these three areas a little more closely.


Emotional Impact

The interaction you have with a customer should be emotionally charged. If you are a customer who asks for help and all the customer service representative does is answer your question in a bored, uninterested voice, telling you the general direction of what you are looking for, how do you feel? You will probably feel like the associate sees you as another customer they have to stop what they are doing to help because they are obligated to do so.  Ask yourself, even if you got what you needed, is that a store you are excited about going back to? No one gets excited about being treated like they are an annoyance especially an employee at a store.


On the other hand customer service reps that truly care about you and proactively ask how they can help, leave a much better impression. Customer service reps should seek to engage customers and help them feel welcome. Talk to them about what they came to the store for.  If the same customer comes often, build a personal relationship with them. When a customer leaves the store feeling positive emotions such as happiness, joy, or enthusiasm, it is a place they will want to come back to. Don’t have machines for your customers service workers, have people that will welcome customers and help them have a great experience at the store, and a great day as well.


 Intellectual Impact

Customers often respond positively when you are willing to teach them about your products. Most individuals who come in to buy your products fall into three categories, repeat customers who know what they want, people who are looking for a better alternative to what they have, or people who need or want to try a product they have never used before. Individuals who are new to your products and those looking for better alternatives are usually open to learn about the products they have come to buy. People like good deals and good quality products. When service representatives can teach customers about their products, customers come away feeling better knowing they got a quality product, learned how to take care of it better and received valuable information. Employees who work in customer service should learn as much as they can about the products they sell so they can help customers come away more educated and satisfied with the product they purchase.


Spiritual/Inspirational Impact

Strive to inspire your customers. Strive to motivate and help them become a better person. Help lift customers while they are in the store. This is not always easy to do, but it can have powerful results. When customers come away from your establishment feeling motivated to do and be better, they will want to return. An example of this could be someone coming in to replace a computer for their struggling business. They may comment that their last few computers have kept breaking down and needing to constantly replace computers is costing the company a lot of money. It is obvious by their tone and body language that they are frustrated and worried about the future of their company. If you are able to help them find a reliable computer and instead of simply telling the customer, “this computer will work,” explain the product’s five year warranty and has been reviewed by multiple experts that says they believe the computer is expected to have high performance for many years.” Helping customers see that there may be a solution to their problem may inspire them and give them new ideas for the future. You didn’t solve all of their business’s problems but you gave them hope that this product can solve this particular problem and that is one less thing they have to worry about. That can be inspirational. It can give the customer hope that perhaps things will work out. If a customer leaves feeling inspired and motivated, there is a good chance they will spread the word about your company to their business contacts needing a computer, and you will likely see that customer again.


How do you improve your referrals, customer retention, and increased repurchase rates? Good customer service. If you will care for your customers, and show them you care, they will visit your establishment more often and will end up taking care of you by providing your company further business.


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