Question: How does it work?
Answer: If your company is nominated to participate in the Grow Idaho movement, you will be contacted to discuss the next steps. The first step is an informational conversation about your company and where to focus the questions during the interview. A basic outline of questions that will be used during the interview will be prepared from that initial conversation. The interview will only focus on the prep-prepared questions and topics that were identified.

Question: How long will it take?
Answer: The initial conversation should take about 30 minutes and the final interview will also be about 30 minutes.

Question: Will the interview be recorded?
Answer: The first initial conversation will not be recorded. The final interview will be recorded.

Question: What will you do with the information recorded in the interview?
Answer: The information will be transcribed and turned into articles, blog posts, white papers, short video segments, podcasts, etc. These materials will be available for free on Hansen Group Company’s website and on other distribution sites like iTunes, etc.

Question: How will the interview be conducted?
Answer: Some interviews with business leaders may be conducted face to face while others will be done over the phone or through the internet. You will be advised of any special audio equipment that might be needed, if any.

Question: Can I nominate or recommend a company?
Answer: Hansen Group Company welcomes nominations of successful businesses and business leaders. The businesses must meet certain minimum criteria in order to qualify to participate in the Grow Idaho movement.

Question: What is in it for me?
Answer: If selected to participate in Grow Idaho, you will be given a public platform to develop your own expert thought leadership on business topics that are important to you. If your business happens to sell its products and services directly to other businesses, Grow Idaho will provide free exposure of your brand messages to other business owners in Idaho. You will also be directly impacting other businesses ability to grow their companies and thus strengthen Idaho’s economy.

Question: Will I have access to the materials?
Answer: Full credit will be given to all contributors for the materials produced. Once the materials are produced and edited, each contributor will have access to those finished materials.

Question: Will I be paid royalties on these materials?
Answer: Initially the materials will be available to the public for free and no royalties will be paid on these materials.