Hansen Group Company is excited about the official launch of its “Grow Idaho” Movement.  The press release below has been distributed state wide to various news agencies.  If you would like to nominate a president or the CEO, of a successful mid-size company in Idaho, to be interviewed for the Grow Idaho movement you are welcome to send an email to hansenterry@gmail.com with your nomination.  See the attached press release below for more details.




January 12th, 2015



Company Positioned to Help Improve Idaho’s Economy Through New Approach


SHELLEY, Idaho- The “Grow Idaho” Movement is an effort that Hansen Group Company is spearheading to help improve Idaho’s economy by assisting small and midsize companies throughout the state to grow and become stronger.

 According to Terry Hansen, president and founder of Hansen Group Company, Beginning in January 2015, the company will be conducting interviews with successful business leaders around the state of Idaho. Interviews with these experienced business owners will focus on the lessons they have learned while managing their companies. Their successes and failures will be discussed, as well as, how they have overcome many of the common challenges Idaho businesses face. These professionals will share their tips and strategies to help other Idaho business owners more effectively grow their own companies.

Hansen said, “The focus of the Grow Idaho movement is to give small and medium sized businesses here in Idaho a better opportunity to learn proven business strategies from their successful peers. There is an untapped wealth of knowledge and experience that can be better leveraged to help Idaho businesses and the economy thrive and grow. We are working to facilitate that effort.”

 The recorded interviews will be made available from Hansen Group Company as weekly podcast episodes. They will also be transcribed and turned into articles, blog posts, white papers and eBooks. This information will be made available to Idaho’s business community on Hansen Group Company’s website. Most of the material will be completely free to the public while other items will be offered for sale.

 Hansen said, “Our format is to reach out to presidents and CEO’s of many midsize companies around Idaho. These companies typically generate between five and fifteen million in annual revenue and employ between 15-50 people. These companies have already overcome many of the common problems that smaller companies struggle with.”

According to their website, Hansen Group Company is a corporate training, coaching and consulting firm that specializes in five different areas of business: leadership, sales, customer service, marketing and personal development. The company pledges to create value for its employees, clients and its community around the state

Hansen said, “Idaho is our home and we want to see its economy continue to grow and prosper. We feel one way we can give back to our community is by learning from successful Idaho business owners and spreading the word to other business leaders around the state.”

If your company is interested in participating in the “Grow Idaho” movement, or should you have additional questions, please contact Terry Hansen at the Hansen Group Company at (208) 346-1005 or visit their website at www.hansengroupcompany.com to learn more.


About Hansen Group Company

Hansen Group Company was founded by entrepreneur Terry Hansen in 2007. Throughout the years the Hansen Group has evolved from a professional services firm working with local individuals and companies to a national firm helping companies with training, learning, and skill development. With their five areas of expertise, which include leadership development, sales improvement, marketing consulting, customer service excellence, and self-improvement, Hansen Group Company has been able to help its clients gain the necessary skills to improve their productivity and revenue.

For more information about their products and services please visit them at www.HansenGroupCompany.com