I get asked all the time by professionals who work in finance, technology, advertising, retail, and manufacturing how they can “close more sales” and “increase their sales revenue”.  Let me share with you five strategies that will significantly increase your sales revenue in 2017:

Think Past, Present and Future

When looking to close more sales focus on the three categories your clients fall into.  Past clients: Reach out to those who’ve done business with you in the past and find ways to resurrect those relationships.  Current clients: work to increase the frequency, duration and quantity they buy from you. And don’t forget referrals.  Future clients:  Put together a list of your ideal target clients and focus your marketing messages ONLY ON THEM.  Get more of what you really want.


Follow the 70/30 Rule 

Success in closing sales requires you, as a professional, to follow the same pattern used by doctors.  That pattern is “diagnose before you prescribe”.  Stephen Covey called it “Seek first to understand, than to be understood”.  I call it the 70/30 Rule.  Your prospects should do 70% of the talking and you do 30% of the talking. Ask good questions and listen carefully to what they are really telling you.  This will put you in a stronger position to present solutions later that really meet their needs.


Align Your Process

Buyers buy in a certain way.  First, they identify and agree upon a problem that needs to be solved.  Second, they identify and agree upon a solution.  Lastly, they identify and agree upon the vendor or supplier they want to buy from.  Your selling process should match that buying process.  Begin discussing problems, then discuss solutions and finally your company.  We run into unnecessary difficulties closing sales when we get those simple steps out of order.


Create Value First, Close Later

Buyers today are the most informed buyers of any generation in the history of the world.  Sometimes they know more about your products and services than you do.  Closing sales requires you to create value for them during the buying process. Create value by teaching, solving problems, resolving fears, exceeding expectations, listening and understanding them, raising their standards, etc. Once value has been created they will have a stronger desire to buy from you.


Refine Your Skills

Malcolm Gladwell gave us the 10,000 hour rule to becoming world class at anything.  Marketing and selling are skills that must be practiced in order to be successful.  A six figure income only comes when your skills have been well refined.  Sales training by itself is not enough.  You must practice and receive feedback on what you learn. So get an accountability partner and start practicing.


Terry L. Hansen is a popular speaker, consultant, trainer, and author on helping sales and marketing teams improve their ability to find more sales prospects, close more sales, and increase customer loyalty.  Learn more at www.TerryHansen.net or by calling 844-205-5054 to learn how Terry can help your company increase its sales productivity.