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Join us for a webinar on Aug 18, 2015 at 10:00 AM MDT.

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How To Help Your Sales Team Make the Transition from Sales Clerks to Trusted Advisors

Most sales people are viewed as order takers, vendors, clerks and peddlers of products. Because they focus on selling a product rather than co-creating a custom “solution” they don’t create enough value to win the sale or retain clients for very long. On the other hand, the most successful sales professionals are viewed by their clients as experts, trusted advisors and consultants who create massive value for them. These assertive sales professionals leverage very specific behaviors, attitudes, skills and knowledge to help them create value for their prospects, close more sales and retain their clients for longer periods of time.

In this Price Associate’s webinar, Terry L. Hansen has been invited to teach you four strategies to help your sales teams sell like an expert consultant, rather than an order taker or a clerk. He will share tips on how to be more assertive during the selling process and “lead” the prospect along, rather than chase after them hoping they will say “yes”.

Event attendees will learn the following:
* The biggest challenges that holds most sales people back from real selling success
* How to fix most prospecting and lead generation problems
* What selling habits produce the biggest results
* How to improve communication skills that close more sales
* How to apply buying psychology in your favor

Who should attend?
* CEOs, General Managers and Business Owners
* Business Development and Sales VPs, Directors, Managers
* Account Executives, Account Managers, Sales people

ABOUT THE SPEAKER: Terry L. Hansen is a popular speaker, consultant, trainer and author on helping sales professionals improve their selling effectiveness. He is the founder of Hansen Group Company, Inc and the creator of the popular “MaxValue Selling System”®, an executive sales training program, that trains professionals to adopt a “consultative” approach to selling and achieve more success.

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