How you see yourself, feel about yourself and think about yourself dramatically impacts your professional performance.

We humans are made up of two parts:  who we ARE (our inside life), and what we DO (our outside life).  We are taught from a very early age that what you do determines your value.  If you perform well in your roles and responsibilities that must mean you are a valuable person.  If you strip away all of your roles, responsibilities, jobs and duties (spouse, neighbor, president, committee member, etc) what is left?  How do you see yourself without all of your roles?  What value, worth or importance do you place on your “role-less” self?

On a scale of 1 to 10 (10 being high and 1 being low), where would you score your self worth or self value?

Here is a secret that most business professionals do not know:  You will always perform in your outside life (roles, responsibilities, etc) in a way that is consistent with how you live in your inside life (self worth, self value, self concept, etc).  If you work to improve your skills and what you DO, you will always adjust your performance to fit how you see yourself.  That is called a comfort zone.  Do you want to improve your productivity, your sales, your relationships, etc?  Get training.  But training that does not strengthen your inside life (who you are), will not have lasting results.  Do you want to avoid the common ups and downs in performance?  Keep your self concept at a 10.  Watch what happen then!  You are a 10 and always will be a 10, unless you change it.  Outside things do not change it.  So ask yourself, are you working on the right end of your business problems?