A Personal Manifesto by Terry Hansen.

I seek to make a real contribution.  I want to do good and make a difference in the world.  I want what I do to count for something and have purpose and meaning.  I am not an average person without prospects, hope or a future. 

On the contrary, I have been given gifts, talents and power to accomplish great things.  My future is clear and certain.  I know by whom I have been called and what I am here to do.  There is purpose in everything I do. 

I recognize that making a real contribution can take time and so I will be patient, consistent and dedicated in my efforts.  I am focused on what is most important and do not get distracted by secondary things.  I always put first things first.  I am building something great and accomplishing great things.  I recognize that the path before me has already been prepared for my success.  All that is left for me to do is push forward and work hard at the hard work that is in front of me.  There is a season to take advantage of.  It will not last forever.  If I loosen up, get lazy or hold back, the season will pass me by and I will have wasted a unique opportunity.  I want my efforts to count and make a different.  I am committed to making a real contribution. 

Every day, with determination and commitment in my heart, I will raise my hands high and say I’m In.