One of the traps that sales professionals find themselves in, when they meet with a prospect for the first time, is getting excited over a prospects responses and jumping into the demo or presentation stage too early.  When this happens the prospect often gets a lot of free information from you and says something like, “Good stuff.  We will give you call when we need you.”  Later you find out that they bought from your competitor.  Have you ever got your foot caught in that sales trap?

How do you avoid losing control of the sales conversation?  How do you not allow the prospect to get you to do a lot of professional “consulting” for free?  The answer is by continuing to ask insightful questions.  There are five types of selling questions that will keep you as the sales person in control of the conversation and help you not get “shopped”.  These five types of selling questions are shown in the diagram below.  Watch what happens to the prospects buying motivation the further up the questioning ladder you move.  Only after you have reached the top of the ladder and their buying motivation is at its peak are they ready for your demo and presentation.

Don’t get your foot caught in this sales trap.  Don’t get too excited too early and finish asking ALL of the questions that will lead you to success.  It will save you a lot of “We’ll call you” responses.