During the sales process, when it is time to ask for the sale, many sales people unintentionally put pressure on themselves and on their prospects.  Obviously, when a prospect feels pressured, pushed or manipulated into saying “YES” to a sale, the odds are high that they will cool off and tell you they “want to think it over and get back to you”.  Which is code for, “I am no longer interested in working with you.”

So what can sales people do to close a sale without creating a bunch of pressure on themselves or their prospects?

What is your low-pressure sales closing technique?

What is your low-pressure sales closing technique?


Here are four simple questions you can use to close the sale in a low pressure way:

Closing Question #1:

“Mr. Prospect, based on our interactions and conversations together, do you feel like have understood what you’re trying to accomplish?”


Closing Question #2:

“Do you feel like my company has the experience and expertise to help you reach your goals/solve these issues we have been discussing?”


Closing Question #3:

“If we were to do business together, do you trust that we would take very good care of you?”


Closing Question #4:

“What would you like to do next?”

These questions assume that you have concluded the product demo, answered all the questions, discussed the obvious concerns, etc and are ready to ask for the business.

Why use these four questions instead of one of the classic closing techniques?

Using these four questions allows the prospect to share with the sales person their level of trust in the sales person and their company.  It allows the prospect to express any concerns with the credibility of the product or company.  It also allows the prospect to share their feels about working together.  And finally these four questions allow the prospect to “close themselves” without any external pressure, prompting or pushing from the sales person.  They simple decide for themselves to move forward or not.  When a prospect closes themselves fewer “buyer’s remorse” problems occur.

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