Charitable events are an investment that many companies make. Some may be frustrated because they are not seeing the results they desire from these events. This video will teach you which charitable organizations to work with and how to most effectively work with them.


Hi my name is Terry Hansen I’m the President and founder of Hansen Group Company and I’d like to welcome you to our marketing essentials video series here. A lot of times businesses are looking for opportunities to market and promote themselves on a local or regional level. Event marketing can be a useful tool to do just that. One of the events you can take advantage of is charitable events or being involved in a certain kind of charity or non-profit organizations your community. I’d like to share with you a couple of strategies and a couple of things to about as your involved in a charitable organization to help market and promote your business.

1. Always follow the seven rules of event marketing and you can find more information on that in a previous video we’ve posted.

It’s important to know that there is two ways to participate in a charitable event or a charitable organization:  On if it’s a very passive type of participation they you are going to want to treat that event or opportunity much more like a networking event, and you can see our other video about networking events. If you have an opportunity to participate much more actively in a charitable organization, they you are going to want to watch some previous videos about community events of sponsorship opportunities, and follow those same guidelines with working the charitable organization.

2. It is important to be true to the charity. This is not an opportunity to be self-focused or focused about your business but truly be focused on the charitable organization. Really work hard to make a difference in that organization in your community and let the results of your efforts speak for themselves about the quality of your business and the products and services that you produce.

3. Make sure the charitable organization and the people that are typically involved in that organization, who they support is aligned with your company’s mission statement and your corporate values. You don’t want to have those be conflicting, you want to have a high degree of alignment there.

4. Be consistent with your efforts in working with this charitable organization. Think marathon not short term sprint. Think law of the harvest, there’s a time to plant, there’s a period of time that’s required for growing, and then there’s a period of time for harvesting; that can take a long time. Think law of the harvest, think marathon, think consistency. Be very consistent with your efforts when working with a charitable organization. As you follow the seven rules for event marketing and focus on more active or passive involvement you’ll see some wonderful things happen with your business from your involvement with this charitable organization.

My name is Terry Hansen hoped that helps give you some great ideas when you’re working with charities to market and promote your business. We’ll see you next time, for more information please visit our website at and we’ll see you next time. Take care.