Businesses must work with many different groups of people. Marketing in your community is a great way to build a good reputation and to get your name spread throughout the community. Marketing at community events is a good time to lay groundwork for long term customer relations in your area.

Hi my name is Terry Hansen. I’m the President and founder of Hansen Group Company, and I’d like to welcome you to your marketing essentials video series.
You know a lot of businesses are constantly on the lookout for good productive ways to market and promote their businesses, on a local level, and many people discount community events as a very good way to do that. But there’s certain advantages that businesses can take advantage of in doing that. What I’d like to do today in our short time together is share with you a couple of thoughts, couple of tips that you can take advantage of as you’re marketing and promoting your business using community events.
Community events are things like city and county celebrations, Fourth of July or holiday celebrations, rodeos and races, and fairs, and car shows or whatever they might be, these are good opportunities to take advantage.
1. Work hard to capture people’s attention. Don’t be boring. Don’t wait for people to come to you, find ways to go out and engage them and bring them into your booth or your table. Capture people’s attention and do things to stand out from the crowd.
2. You have to have a good approach when you’re working with people. Refine your approach, practice it before the event. One approach that seems to work out very well is the Test your Hypothesis Method. Test your Hypothesis Method basically sounds something like this: Before the event you think about some of the common challenges or issues that your target market, your customers, typically deal with. Your hypothesis is the person your in-front-of is also dealing with that same problem or those problems. You’re going to share that with them but then you’re going to test your hypothesis by asking them some questions; and it might sound something like this:
John, you know Hansen Group Company typically works with businesses that are frustrated because they are feeling increased pressure from their competitors and they’re looking for ways to get ahead of that game. I don’t know if that’s something you’re dealing with in your business is it?
So I have my hypothesis, and then I test it, and then we begin
3. Work hard to engage and involve your prospective customer in whatever you’re doing. If you have product samples, if there’s some sort of demonstration that you do, involve them, get their hands on, help them participate. That will help them have an emotional and physical experience with your product or service.
4. Work hard to create value for them in those two or three minutes that you have with them. Teach them something they don’t know, share a valuable insight that will help them make more money, or help them save more money than they could before they met you.
5. Make sure to incorporate the Seven Rules of Event Marketing in whatever you’re doing; and you can review those again in a previous video.
My name is Terry Hansen, for more information go to our website: and we’ll see you next time. Take care.