Terry Hansens MaxValue Selling Rule#48


In order to be successful sales people need to follow the 70/30 rule of communication.  This rule says that the prospect should do 70% of the talking and the sales person should do 30% of the talking during the sales conversation.  Unfortunately, many sales people struggle with these ratios.  So how do you get a prospect to do the majority of the talking?  Ask them questions.  Learn about their problems and challenges.  Understand their financial budget. Get to know who the decision makers and decision influences are.  Learn how buying decisions are made.  The more a sales person understands about a prospect the better they can customize a solution to meet their needs.  When the sales person adopts the attitude that they are “interviewing” a prospect instead of “pitching” a prospect, they increase the likelihood of closing the sale.  So remember, “It is not what a sales person says, but what they ask, that closes the sale.”


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