Terry Hansens MaxValue Selling Rule#49

Just because you know something, doesn’t mean you will use it.  That is why at least 50% of a sales person’s success can be attributed to the development and refinement of their behaviors and skills.  We all know things that we should be doing, but studies show that only about 9% actually do the things they know they should.  In order to succeed skills MUST be practiced.  Correct behaviors must become habits.  Those who take the time to intentionally practice specific habits and techniques soon find that their sales results improve dramatically.  In selling it is not about success or failure.  It is about progress.  That is why “Practice does not make perfect, it makes progress and improvement.”  It is about getting better at something every day.  Ask yourself, “What selling technique will I practice today?”  Or, “What behavior am I working on developing into a habit?”  Keep that focus and you can’t help but improve.

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