Have you ever felt like you are “riding in the back seat” when it comes to your sales efforts?  Does it seem like you don’t have much influence or control over your income, your selling success or failures?


Just like natural laws like gravity impact our life in many ways, there are natural laws that govern and influence our selling success.  I want to share with you one law that will help you gain more power and control over your selling so you can enjoy greater selling success.  This law is called The Law of Control and Choice.


The Law of Control & Choice

This law states that we feel good about ourselves to the degree in which we feel we are in control of our own life and the things that are important to us.  If we feel we have a high degree of control over our ability to find new sales prospects and close sales, generally speaking, we will feel empowered and happy.  However, if we feel we have little control over our ability to find new sales prospects and close sales, then we will feel powerless and frustrated.

Where is the Control?

Who or what we give control to for our sales outcomes is called the “locus of control”.  Locus is another word for a point or place.  Sales people with an internal “locus” of control place control within themselves.  They believe that sales success is guided by their own behaviors, attitudes, skills and knowledge.  If they lose a sales or fail to set enough sales appointments they believe is it due to something they missed or messed up on.


Sales people with an external “locus” of control place control outside of themselves.  They generally believe that their selling successes and failures result from external factors beyond their control such as luck, fate, coinicidence, circumstances, injustice, biases, prejudice, etc.  Guess which type of locus of control brings the greatest success, happiness and fulfillment in sales?


Becoming Proactive

The Law of Control aligns well with Stephen Covey’s first habit of Highly Effective People, which is “Be Proactive”.  This means we have the ability to choose for ourselves to see the alternatives and options in our circumstances rather than just obstacles and roadblocks.  It means we focus our efforts on those things we can control and influence rather than those things we can’t.  It means that we have the ability to choose for ourselves what we will do and we are 100% responsible for those decisions.

How can you feel more empowered and in control of your selling success?  Start by saying these to yourself and then making day-to-day decisions based on them:

  • I am a responsible sales professional
  • I take the initiave in my selling activities
  • I choose my selling behaviors, attitudes and beliefs
  • I don’t blame others for my selling failures or losses
  • I do the right things in my business even if no one else sees them


When we take responsibility for our selling outcomes we become more empowered.  When we choose to focus on those things we can control we gain greater influence over our sales success.  The more we feel like we are in control of the things that are important to us the happier and more fulfilled we will be in our selling careers.


The Next Steps

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To your success!


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