Project Mutual Telephone‘s customer service is at a new level. PMT is a company based in Rupert, Idaho that specializes in Communication services including, phone, Internet, cable TV, long distance services and wireless.

They are dedicated to running the company with customers fully in mind. According to the website, PMT is a customer owned company that provides quality solutions for the needs of the customers. PMT has many charitable and fun programs for their customers including Free College Basketball Contest that includes prizes for the winners, PMT Foundation Scholarships that are $2,000+ and continually give back to their customers through other benefits. Project Mutual Telephone showcases immense skill in customer service and we are grateful for their hard work.

Customer service has more to do with truly meeting the needs of your customer and not being polite and having a nice smile when they buy from you. Customer service has become a lost art form in our fast paced, digital age. Consumers and service providers have become accustomed to dealing with screens more than humans.  Never before has there been a bigger need for companies to rise to the occasion and take a second look at their customer engagement efforts. These efforts, in some cases, have lead to producing a distinct competitive advantage in the market place. PMT seems to be doing an excellent job of that very thing.

How would you feel if every company you were a member of offered you generous benefits just for being their customers? Would you feel important and valued?

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