With over a decade of experience in training and coaching professional sales people in many industries I am more confident than ever of this fact:  sales training, by itself, is NOT ENOUGH to insure selling success.  In fact there are at least 10 things that will keep a great sales training program from producing its intended results.  I would like to share these with you so you can take an honest look inside and outside your company to determine if any of these 10 forces are sabotaging your selling success.  If you sense they are, the sooner you can take action the better.



Vital Selling Activities

It is important to note that selling success cannot come without a sales person consistently completing the vital selling activities necessary to produce selling success.  While there may be variations for different industries, generally speaking there are six vital selling activities that sales people must excel at:

  • List building and lead generation
  • Contacts and appointments
  • Sales conversations and meetings
  • Presentations and proposals
  • Commitments and closings
  • Quarterly client meetings



Sales Saboteurs

There are diabolical forces constantly at work to sabotage the ability of your sales people to consistently complete the six fundamental selling activities on a consistent basis.  Sales managers are the primary guardians and defenders against these silent sales predators.  Here are the 10 things will sabotage the best sales training program in the world:

Controlled By the Market

  • Low market demand for product or service


Controlled By the Sales Manager

  • Sales compensation plans that do not drive selling activities
  • Sales management that provides little accountability for selling activities
  • Company culture that places low value & priority on selling activities
  • A poor sales hiring decision (bad alignment between talent & job description)
  • Allowing underperforming sales people to stay too long
  • No sales training program that develops skills needed for selling activities


Controlled By the Sales Person

  • Sabotaging mental attitudes, stories and beliefs about selling activities
  • Low confidence and belief in company’s products or services
  • Distracting problems in personal life



Battling the Forces of Evil

Each of the sabotaging forces listed above requires sales management blindness, passiveness and fear to live.  They shrivel, decay and die when sales managers become aware, take action, and become courageous in the face of these monsters.  Notice that 60% of these sabotaging forces are within the control of the sales manager to do something about, while 30% are within the control of the sales person.  This should send a clear message to all business owners and managers about how to gain the highest return on investment for their sales training programs.  There are four simple words I can suggest to battle the forces of evil that sabotage selling success:  Be Vigilant & Take Action.



Your Are Invited To Join Us

Are you concerned some of these 10 things may be sabotaging your teams sales success?  If you’d like to become more vigilant and stronger in your resolve to take action when it is necessary, than I invite you to join my clients and I for our next Sales Management Training Program.  Click the link to RSVP as my guest (free) and I will send you a PDF workbook you can use to take notes on during the live online video meeting.  https://goo.gl/n1yT98You are welcome to share this link with other business owners and managers in your circle of influence as well.  We look forward to having you with us.


Until we meet again don’t just sell.  Create value, do work that matters and make a difference for your clients.



Terry L. Hansen is a popular speaker, consultant, trainer, and author on helping sales and marketing teams improve their ability to find more sales prospects, close more sales, and increase customer loyalty.  Connect with Terry on Twitter (@TerryLHansen) or on LinkedIn (Linkedin.com/in/TerryLHansen). Contact him toll free by calling 844-205-5054 or email him at hansenterry@gmail.com to learn how Terry can help your company increase its sales productivity.