I wanted to share with you four steps you can use to schedule more sales appointments this next week and invite you to join my clients & I for sales training.


As you know, our sales prospects are busy people with short attention spans.  If we are to capture their attention and motivate them to schedule time to meet with us, it is critical that we refine & strengthen out 30 second introductions in a way that causes them to immediately see the value to talking with us further.  If our value statements are weak, we typically hear responses like:

  • “Can you send me something via email?”
  • “I think we are doing fine, but thanks for calling.”
  • “We are already working with someone who does that for us.”
  • “I am not interested.”

So how do you motivate your sales prospects, within the first 30 seconds of speaking with them, to schedule an appointment with you?  Let me share with you four important steps:


STEP ONE:  Know Your Prospects Pains

You should be targeting sales prospects that are very similar to your current best clients.  You should already know the main problems, issues and challenges that your best clients have faced or are facing.  Using this information you make the assumption that your ideal sales prospects are also dealing with similar issues.  You must use these assumed pains in your 30 second introduction.


STEP TWO:  Know Your Super Powers

There are strengths that you and your company have that are just as good as your competitors.  Don’t talk about these at all.  You also, however, have some special “super powers” that uniquely differentiate you from your competitors.  You must use these super powers in your 30 second introduction.


STEP THREE:  Follow The Formula

Follow this formula for creating your value statement that you will share with your sales prospect when you get them on the phone.


Prospect Pain + Your Super Power = Value Statement


An example of a value statement might be:


“Allen, my name is Terry Hansen and I am with a company called The Hansen Group.  We train sales teams on ways to increase their sales productivity.  The reason I’m calling is to ask if you have any sales people on your team that struggle hitting their annual sales quotas and who could use some new tools?”


STEP FOUR:  Simply and Practice

Your value statement, or 30 second introduction, should be simply and powerful.  No fluffy words or fillers are allowed.  Every word needs to count.  So work to reduce the fluff and keep just the vital and necessary.  It is also smart to end your value statement with a question that gets the prospect to comment on some aspect of your value statement.  Be prepared to ask additional questions to continue getting them engaged and involved.


Focusing your value statement on the top pains and problems your ideal sales prospects are dealing with is the #1 way to motivate them to meet with you.  Also sharing your super power with them in a clear and simple way gets them curious about ways to solve those problems.  Together these two elements will do more to motivate your sales prospects to schedule time to meet with you.  Give it a try and let me know how it is working for you.


Until we meet again, remember, don’t just sell.  Create value, do work that matters and make a difference for your clients!


Take care,

Terry Hansen


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TOPIC:  We will review & solve problems related to the four barriers that block sales people from filling their sales pipelines:  (1) Prospecting without a focused sales plan, (2) Battling against self limiting beliefs, (3) Unable to talk with top decision makers, and (4) Rejected by unmotivated prospects.  Come prepared to work through challenges you are facing with these!

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