The founder of the Boy Scouts of America, Robert Baden-Powell referred to scouting as, “A game with a purpose.”

Robert Baden Powell


I feel the same way about professional selling.  80% of the “game of sales” is played inside our head as we battle our own fears, comfort zones and insecurities.  It is a game of self discipline, self motivation and self determination.  When we develop a selling mindset we win the game.


Here are four tips for developing a winning sales mindset:


  • Identify WHAT motivates, inspires and drives you to do what you do in your personal and professional life. Then clarify WHY those things are so important to you.

  • Let that personal motivating power drive your efforts when working on the difficult, boring or uncomfortable selling tasks that must be done to be successful in sales.

  • Identify the negative stories or self sabotaging beliefs that you tell yourself about selling. When you think them or hear them declare them to be a fabricated lie and completely false!

  • Rewrite those negatives stories and create new and positive stories that represent truth and fairness while inspiring optimism and confidence. Carry these with you and repeat them anytime the negative stories begin to surface.  


Selling is “a game with a purpose”.  A central purpose in your sales career is to achieve your dreams, goals and aspirations.  Selling is just the means of accomplishing those goals.  Don’t let “the game” of sales get in the way of accomplishing your higher purposes and goals.


Until next time:  Don’t just sell. Create value, do work that matters and make a difference for your clients.  Take care.


Terry Hansen


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