Has your sales revenue been on a plateau for awhile and you’re not sure how to get it growing again?  Is your sales production great one month and the next month terrible?


It could be because you, or your company, are experiencing “sales pipeline blindness”.



It is critical that sales people be able to SEE their sales pipelines.  If they cannot SEE it they cannot manage it effectively.  A sales pipeline is how a company’s leads and prospects progress through their sales process and become clients.  For most companies this is a process instead of a single event.  The “flow” of leads and prospects through the sales process (or pipeline) can be increased or decreased based on the actions (or inactions) of their sales people.  If a sales person can see where a bottleneck is his or her sales pipeline (why it isn’t flowing smoothly), they can quickly and effectively take action to keep the pipeline flowing smoothly and efficiently.



This highest objective of sales pipeline management is to have a CONTINUOUS STREAM or STEADY FLOW of sales prospects traveling through a sales process at all times.  Once way to insure that your sales prospect “flow” remains steady and constant is to increase your VISIBILITY of your sales pipeline.  At a glance you need to see:

  • How many sales appointments you have set
  • How many initial needs analysis or qualification meetings you have attended
  • How many proposals yoou have sent or product demos you have given
  • How many sales you have closed
  • And how many new client projects are currently in progress



Companies should be using a customer relationship management (CRM) software tool to help manage their sales pipelines.  The data, speed, reporting, etc you get is well worth the money and time to learn how to use it.  Great examples of CRMs are Salesforce, HubSpot and Insidesales.  Many companies keep things “old fashioned” and use a white board and post it notes to track their sales pipeline activities.  Using a white board and sticky notes is easy, free, very visual and you can start using it immediately. Whether you are using the latest technology or a simple white board, you just have to have a system that helps you SEE your pipeline and overcome pipeline blindness.



Do you have a CRM that allows you to SEE your sales pipeline?  Are you well trained on it and know how to use if to its fullest?  If not, you may be suffering from sales pipeline blindness.  Get trained and start making some changes immediately so you can take your sales productivity to the next level.  If you don’t have a CRM think about how you’d like to set up a visual pipeline management system for yourself.  Take some action and build something that will serve you well.  As you use it more and more you will change it and modify it based on your needs.  Sales professionals who actively use a sales pipeline management system typically generate twice as much in income as those who do not, simply because there are not suffering from pipeline blindness.


If you are looking to reduce the amount of volatility in your sales production or break the sales plateau that you have been on, do something to starting SEEING and MANAGE your sales pipeline more effectively.  It could easily double your income.


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