My favorite part of selling (next to closing the sale) is when the sales prospect says, “You have really given me a new perspective and caused me to look at this situation in a different way.”  When my sales prospects have that experience with me during my selling process, my sales closing ratio goes up dramatically.


FACT:  When you help your sales prospects see their world differently, you help them make better buying decisions and that differentiates you from your competitors.  Both of these lead to more sales.


So, how do you identify unique sales insights that cause your prospects to reframe their thinking, view you as an expert and increase their buying motivation?  I have summarized four steps you can take to develop unique sales insights that will help you close more sales.  Plus one BONUS STEP for good measure…


Step One:                Be an Expert in Your Field

Business owners and sales professionals must become experts in their craft.  We must dedicate appropriate time to read books, articles and reports; to attend workshops and seminars; and to listen to podcasts and programs that will help us understand our products better.

Step Two:               Identify Your Super Powers

Recognize that our competitors are just as smart as we are.  However, their strengths and weaknesses are different than ours.  To develop powerful selling insights we must understand and leverage our super powers.  Answer these two questions:  (1) “What do we do that our competitors do just as well?”  (2)  “What do we do that is 10X better than our competitors?”  Stop talking about the stuff on the first list.  Start getting better at focusing on the second list.


Step Three:           Know Your Clients Better Than They Know Themselves

We must know the top five most common frustrations, challenges and problems our target clients face.  We must also know the top five goals, objections and outcomes they are trying to accomplish.  Knowing these two things creates relevancy.  It provides a home for our super powers to live in.


Step Four:              Identify Your Unique Selling Insights

We develop powerful selling insights by combining our super powers with our target clients core problems.  Selling insights are the link between the two.  For example, a core problem for some of my clients is a sales person who lacks the drive and motivation needed to hit their sales goals.  I know that one of my super powers is diagnosing what really motivates and drives people.  So my sales insight is sharing with business owners that sales people are motivated by different things and knowing what motivates each sales person provides the manager with tremendous leverage in improve performance in several areas, not just sales revenue.


BONUS STEP:       Share and Verify Your Insight Early

When we have identified our unique sales insights we must share those with the sales prospect early in the selling process and then immediately ask questions to determine if that insight links up with a problem or challenge they are experiencing.  Doing so opens up a different type of conversation that leads to different results and outcomes for the prospect.  Don’t be tempted to talk about the features and benefits of your products and services early in the process. That is what order takers and customer service reps do.  Instead teach them things they don’t know about their problems and challenges.  Share with them insights related to the consequences those problems may be causing.  Ask questions to verify the accuracy of what you are sharing with them.


Following these steps and sharing your unique sales insights early in your sales process will give you the competitive edge you need to close more sales and increase your sales revenue.


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