According to the folks at VitalSmarts, there are three kinds of motivation we can tap into to reach our business goals in 2017:

Terry Hansen Sales Motivation

  • Personal motivation (think: personal will power)
  • Social motivation (think: positive peer pressure)
  • Structural motivation (think: sales commission or bonuses)

Which of these three do you think is the strongest source of motivation?

Stoking the fire of your personal motivation is by far the strongest and most compelling of all three.


As strong as personal motivation is, we all know motivation fades with time.  So how do we ramp up our personal motivation and keep it strong?  How can we ignite more action, build stronger desire and drive more sales in our companies in a sustainable way?  I have four simple suggestions:


  • Focusing on a wildly compelling outcome or goal
  • Leveraging a clear set of controllable tasks or activities to reach that goal
  • Engaging a simple method for measuring progress
  • Using the power of accountability to insure your success


I’m meeting with some clients & guests this Wed (the 18th) for a special sales planning workshop to help them identify what will drive real lasting change in their sales revenue this year.  If you’d like to attend as my guest for free your welcome to join us.  This online workshop is designed to help you:

  1. Clarify your sales revenue goal and personal income goal.
  2. Identify the (controllable) daily sales tasks & activities necessary to reach your goals.
  3. Develop a simple method to measure and track your sales activities.
  4. Create an accountability structure that motivates and enables you achieve your goals.

 Sales-Goals-Terry Hansen

You can reserve your complementary event ticket now by registering here.


Once you register for our 60 minute online sales planning workshop, you will receive instructions for connecting to the live online training, a five page PDF workbook and additional supporting materials.


Hope to see you!  Until next time, don’t just sell. Create value, make a difference and do work that matters to your clients.


Take care!