Selling320x250Regardless of the age, industry or product being sold; there seems to be three hallmarks of a great sales person:

  • They are steady and unfailing when it comes to finding new prospects and generating new leads for their business.
  • They guide their prospects to the “closing table” and comfortably and consistently close more deals then their competitors.
  • Their clients view them as a trusted advisor and remain loyal to them and their company for longer periods of time.


Where would you like to see greater improvement

from your sales team?

Hansen Group Company has been training and coaching sales teams to accomplish these three things more effectively since 2007.  Call Hansen Group Company today and share them which of these three areas you would like to see the most improvement in.  The first training is always free!

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Our greatest enemy in the sales process is NOT the competitor, the economy, or the customer’s limited budget. The real enemy is our own failure to manage the thing between our ears effectively during the selling process.”  Terry Hansen