For many kids around the country today is the last day of school and they officially start their Summer break.  Let the Summer time fun begin!


School is Never Out

However, for us sales professionals, business owners and entrepreneurs “school is never out”.  Because we love what we do and we are committed to excellence we are “forever students”.  We are constantly studying and learning ways to improve what we do and how we do it.  But what exactly should we be studying?  Which topics are vital to selling success and which ones are just nice to know?  Is there a professional development curriculum to follow?


21 Powerful Topics

Below I have summarized the 21 most powerful topics you and I can focus on to develop greater mastery and expertise in our field.  The topics are broken down by the four vital dimensions of selling success with the acronym “BASK”, which stands for behaviors, attitudes, skills and knowledge.  Here are the top 21 topics, also check out the video below:



  • Improving prospecting and lead generation
  • Increasing sales appointment setting
  • Refining the steps in the sales process
  • Enhancing account management and customer retention
  • Developing better time management
  • Improving efficiency and productivity



  • Increasing personal drive and motivation
  • Enhancing personal beliefs and self-image
  • Strengthening self-discipline and comfort zone management
  • Overcoming personal fears and insecurities
  • Developing greater self-confidence and assertiveness



  • Improving prospecting skills
  • Boosting needs analysis skills
  • Upgrading presentation skills
  • Elevating closing skills
  • Strengthening account management skills


  • Knowledge of personal strengths and weaknesses
  • Knowledge of products and services
  • Knowledge of industry trends and competitors
  • Knowledge of buying behavior and psychology
  • Knowledge of communication and different behavioral styles


One Hour Per Week

There is a wealth of resources online that you can use to find more information about all of these topics.  Make it a goal to spend no less than one hour per week in intense study and learning.  Use mornings, evenings and weekends for study and learning.  Use working hours to apply what you learn and make money!


In the coming weeks we will be opening Hansen University to the public to help you build your expertise.  Hansen University has a series of online sales training courses that you can preview for free for 30 days.  Be on the lookout for a special invitation to preview that.


To Sell is Human

To help get you started, in the meantime, I wanted to shares 6 different ways “to pitch” your products of services to your prospects.  These 6 strategies come from Daniel Pink and his best selling book, “To Sell is Human.”  Check out his short 4 minute Youtube video here:


Until next time, continue to create value, do work that matters and make a difference for your clients.


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