Serving320x250Bill Gates once said, “Your most unhappy customers are your greatest source of learning.”  Smart businesses have a consistent habit of listening to their customers and making consistent improvement to their purchasing processes.”

Hansen Group Company specializes in training businesses and coaching individuals on legendary customer service skills to help them grow their business revenue.  Our training programs focus on the following areas for customer service:

Businesses who know their customers so well that they are able to anticipate their needs even before the customer themselves know what they need; are recognized as world class leaders is customer service.  How well do you know your customers?

Customers are not always looking for “best selection” and “cheapest price”.  Most of the time they are looking for a memorable experience where they feel valued and appreciated.  Upgrading your customers purchasing experience is a smart business move.

In many industries customer loyalty is at an all time low.  Why?  Many businesses fail to understand what customers truly want and why they want it.  Those who do understand these important elements often struggle to meet customer expectations on a consistent basis.  Do your customer processes need a tune up?

Creating a company culture from scratch is almost as difficult as changing a company’s existing culture.  Amazing companies that have a service culture are regularly ranked among the best in the world.  What does your company’s culture tell about your commitment to serving your customers?