When you are working to schedule a sales appointment with a new business, have you ever hear your prospect say something like this?


“Can you email me some information?

I’ll look it over and get back to you?”


What is your response?  Are they truly interested? Could they be a future lead?  Or are they brushing you off because they’re not interested?  Frankly it can be hard to tell without further investigation.

Genuine or Fake?

If they are genuinely interested than we would be smart to ask some clarifying questions so we can send them the kind of information that will motivated them to schedule a sales appointment with us later on.


If they are not interested and are just trying to get rid of us, we would also be smart to ask some clarifying questions so we can close their file and move on.  No sense in wasting our precious time or theirs.


To help us determine their level of interest and increase the likelihood of scheduling a sales appointment with them later on, here are six professional responses you can use when a sales prospect asks you to send them something.


Sales Professional Response #1: 

“Kevin, I would be happy to send something to you.  What is your email?  I’ll send that over to you. In order to make sure I send something that will be relevant to you, may I ask you a question before we wrap up?”


Sales Professional Response #2: 

“Kevin, I would be happy to send something to you.  Typically most of the companies I send something to have some follow up questions about _____________________.  Would it make sense to schedule a short call in a few days to answer those questions or others you might have?


Sales Professional Response #3: 

“Often when I send things to busy folks like you, I’ve noticed that sometimes those emails don’t get opened or read.  Do you think you’ll actually have time to review what I send over?  I wouldn’t want to clutter your inbox if this isn’t important.”

Sales Professional Response #4: 

“Let’s pretend that I send something to you, you reviewed it and liked what you saw, or at least had some additional questions.  Would you be open to scheduling a time to chat further about ______________________?”


Sales Professional Response #5: 

“What sort of information would be most beneficial for you?  (Prospect responds)  Interesting, why do you pick that particular topic?”  or  “Would ________________________ be of any value to you?  (Prospect responds)  Hmmm, ok. Why would that be so beneficial to you?”


Sales Professional Response #6: (Local Businesses Only) 

“Sure.  Actually, let me ask you this, Kevin.  Would you mind if I dropped off the information at the receptionist’s desk?”  (Prospect says yes)


“When I come by, would it be OK if I called you from the lobby so we can put a face to a voice?  We can talk more in detail later on when you have more time or when you’re ready.”  (Prospect says yes)  “When are you generally in the office?”  (Prospect responds)  “So, if I came by on (date) about (time), would that work?”



Staying in the hot seat and asking additional questions when a sales prospect asks you to send them something helps you to determine whether they are genuinely interested or if they are just brushing you off.  It also helps you narrow down the kind of information you can send that will be most meaningful.  You can then leverage that information to secure a sales appointment with them later on.  Let me know how these work for you!

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