I spoke to a VP of Sales today and asked him what he wanted to see changed or improved with his sales in 2017.  He said, “Well, of course I want more sales volume.  But what we really need is smarter sales volume.”


I loved his term:  “Smarter Sales Volume.”


Smarter sales volume means sales that are more profitable and have higher margins in them.  Unfortunately too many of us sometimes sell on “autopilot” and simply sell what is easy and familiar, rather than proactively developing a plan to promote and selling our high profit margin products and services.


What if you sold the same amount this year, but were twice as profitable? What difference would that make in your business?


On Wednesday (tomorrow) the 18th at 1pm MDT you are welcome to join some of my clients and other guests for a complementary sales planning workshop.  During that workshop we will:


  • Develop sales plans that focus on selling your high profit margin products.

  • Refine your annual sales revenue goals.

  • Identify the vital sales tasks and activities needed to achieve your sales goals.

  • And, get focused on making the necessary changes to increase sales activity.


Reserve your FREE ticket ASAP.  Once you’re registered, I will email you a PDF workbook and instructions on connecting to our online workshop.  It will be a great experience and I would love to have you join us.  Share this post with someone else in your circle that could use smarter sales volume as well.


Have a great rest of the week.  Until next time, sell smarter!