Sponsoring events can seem like a a waste of time or a burden on company funds, so why bother sponsoring events? The marketing strategy of sponsoring events can be very effective if done correctly. This video will help you learn to select events that will be good for your business. It will also help your efforts in sponsoring others more effective and increase your revenue.


Hi my name is Terry Hansen. I’m the President and founder of Hansen Group Company and I’d like to welcome you to your marketing essentials video series.
A lot of businesses are constantly looking for good ways to market and promote their business. Sponsorship opportunities and sponsorship events represent certainly one of those great ways to do that on a local or even on regional or national level. I wanted to share with you a couple of things to think about, tips to use when you’re marketing and promoting your business when you’re sponsoring events.
1. Always remember the 7 rules of marketing effectiveness and you can review those seven rules for event marketing on another video here on the channel.
2. Always pay attention to the type of target market that’s going to be participating in the event. You really want to sponsor and own and meaningfully contribute to an event were your target market is going to be. It doesn’t make any sense to sponsor an event where none of your prospective clients are actually going to be participating. So be very cautious about only sponsoring events where your target audience is going to be.
3. Because your target audience is going to be there, whatever you are doing to sponsor that event you want to make sure your message is very focused, very refined. Specifically focus on the unique challenges, issues, pains, problems, that your product or service addresses, so all of your communication, all of your messages are focused on your prospects’ problems, issues, challenges that you fix and deal with.
4. There are two types of ways to participate in sponsorship events; one is a very passive participation where you might just have a sign or a banner, but there is no other mention of your company or no other opportunities to participate, those are the worst kind you’ll want to stay away from those. That’s a very passive participation.
The other is a very active participation; where you actually have an opportunity to participate in some way. You might be able to speak, you might be able to have a presence there, or participate in some sort of meaningful active way. Choose the latter, find a good way to actively participate in the event.
5. Always have some sort of call to action. If somebody in the event wants to know more, learn more or get a hold of you, have that sort of thing there and handy for them. Invite them to go to your website, to pick up the phone and call, or meet at a certain location at the event to talk more with you. Always have a specific call to action.
6. Give them an appropriate incentive to motivate them and get them off their rear-end to go talk to you. Give them a deadline; give them some sort of special bonus or promotion, something to get them going.
Remember these six tips and strategies when you are looking at sponsoring your next event. My name is Terry Hansen, for more great stuff go visit our website at hansengroupcompany.com and we’ll see you next time. Take care.