Finding a job today can be difficult for several reasons:

  • 78% of jobs are filled by someone who was referred to the hiring manager before the job was posted to the public.
  • Job searcher competition is high and everyone is working to gain an advantage over the next person.
  • Companies are looking for the “best bang for their buck” and it is easy to be considered “over qualified” or “under qualified” during the resume and interview process.
  • Job searchers sometimes settle for what they get rather than what they want and end up quitting within a year.

How can job searchers get the job they want and gain an additional advantage over their competition?

Recently Channel 8 News in Idaho Falls interviewed Terry Hansen, founder of Hansen Group Company, and Teri Hill, HR manager of BBSI; on ways that job searchers can do just that.  You can view the 3 minute video clip here.


If you would like extra tips and strategies on finding a good job, Hansen Group Company recommends visiting with BBSI.  They are a local Human Resources Management Company.  Their website is